The Wake of the Storm:

Hurricane Power Grid Failure and Recovery

The impact of hurricanes on infrastructure and human life is broad and severe. Hurricanes cost the US economy anywhere from $18 - $70B per year, and destroy the property of millions of people in the US. As urbanization in coastal communities continues its stark upward trend, we can expect hurricanes to incur even higher social and economic costs. Select a hurricane to see what the lifespan of a hurricane-induced outage looks like county-by-county.

Thu Aug 24 2017

Who Gets Power Back First?

One of the most common and telling metrics by which hurricane recovery is measured is that of power restoration. Recovery is a massive, coordinated effort among emergency responders, engineers and government where resources are finite and constrained. Select an attribute for the y-axis to see how time to recovery correlates to demographic data collected by the U.S census. Note the scatterplot points are colored to identify affiliated state.